Pitcher Ice Tea


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This pitcher is perfect for adding elegance, beauty and simplicity to having iced tea so you can enjoy a refreshing drink. It has a filter lid that will allow you to pour your if you so chose to garnish your tea without letting your fruit and herbs into your glass.

Made from borosilicate, heat-resistant glass. The silicone base adds extra protection to the bottom of the glass pitcher and allows it to sit securely on your kitchen counter. A fully stainless-steel lid is held securely by a food-safe silicone band which keeps the liquid contents safely inside the
glass body.

1500ml / 50 fl.oz. capacity
Naturally BPA and lead-free
Dual Filter lid holds back garnishmehts on one side for slow pour, and pours more swiftly on the other side for fast pour.
304 Stainless steel lid will never rust and is of the highest quality
Food-grade silicone band keeps the lid and contents secure.

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Pitcher Only, w/ 34oz smart tea maker