Love Affair


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In flush of the feelings: This creation with red sugar hearts and scented rose blossom help the heart grow fonder   not only on Valentine’s Day but all matters of the heart. This composition combines heavenly chocolate, a dash of yummy strawberry tart, raspberries and rhubarb pieces to make it just like you…Irresistible!  This tea is also available as a combo with our Bailey Tea Mug.

Recommendations: Use 1 heaping tsp. per 6 oz. cup; heat fresh water to a roaring boil; let steep for 7-10 min. 2oz Makes 20-25 cups of tea.

Health Benefits: Rooibos has been long known for its many medicinal properties: soothing upset stomachs, aiding with digestion, calming nervous tension, and providing relief from allergies such as eczema. Rooibos is an good source of antioxidants, which appear to reduce the risk of certain chronic diseases including cancer. Studies show that Rooibos can promote healthy skin, teeth and bones as well as lower blood pressure and protect against heart disease. Naturally caffeine-free and rich in vitamins and minerals. Rooibos is completely safe for pregnant and breast feeding women, as well as children

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