Curbside Tea Time


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Starting Wednesday March 25 we will begin our Curbside Tea Time Breaks. Order any individual tea warm or iced for $3.95 (lattes an additional 0.75 cents), any warm or iced tea with our homemade gluten free petite bread loaf ( lemon, matcha or orange) or our all natural ingredient petite navy pie (great substitute to sweet potato pie and healthier) for $5.75. Also as an extra bonus all 4oz tins of loose tea will be 10% off for pickup and when you share our social media pages  the sharers will receive 20% off Curbside loose teas and accessories purchases (curbside tea break promotion not included). Also be on the lookout for our virtual Tea Tasting coming soon.  You’re welcome to place your order here using the comment area for specifics (what tea and or combo, iced or warm, tea sweet level and if latte what option) and your phone number or email us at with selections and phone number.

For faster pick up text us at 317.513.7544 with your name and text “ONLINE ORDER”.

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Curbside Selection

iced tea, warm tea, Arnold Palmer, warm tea & matcha loaf, iced tea & matcha loaf, warm tea & lemon loaf, iced tea & lemon loaf, warm tea & orange loaf, iced tea & orange loaf


Black Tradional Tea, Mango Pasion Fruit Green Tea, Strawberry Raspberry Olong Tea, Mango Pineapple White Tea, Pomegranate Blueberry Tisane/Herbal, Shop's Choice, Make Choice When Contacted

Tea Sweetness

Unsweetened, Light, Med light, Med, Heavy, Southern sweet


None, Half & Half, Oat