Cloud 9 Catcher


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Do you know that feeling on gray days, when you just want to push the clouds aside and let the sun shine through? Cloud catcher will certainly add a shine to your tea assortment and will light up your corner of pleasure. Loaded with crunchy coconuts flakes gives an insight into the secret of this sunny tea.

Contains: Apple bits, freeze-dried kiwi and sour cherry pieces, cranberry slices and coconut flakes.


Use 1 heaping tsp. per 6 oz. cup; heat fresh water to a roaring boil; let steep for 7-10 min. Enjoy hot, cold or chilled.  4oz makes 45-50 cups of tea.

Health Benefits

Herbals/Tisanes Studies show:


  • High in antioxidants.
  • Boost immune system.
  • Reduces headaches.
  • Reduces ulcers.
  • Relieves nausea.
  • Can keep bad LDL cholesterol from oxidizing.
  • Improve the amount of oxygen getting to the heart.
  • Combat erectile dysfunction.
  •  Possibly prevent or slow the growth of prostate cancer.
  • Slow the aging process.
  • Aid retention in the brain.
  • Contains fairly strong antispasmodic and ant-inflammatory constituents.

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