Professional Services at Ashford Tea Co.

For more than twenty years Wayne Ashford, founder of the original Tea’s Me Cafe Indianapolis, IN and owner of Ashford Tea Company Savannah, GA, has guided and educated tea enthusiasts and novices alike on Living Life To The Tea. His childhood dream was to own his own business. He could not have imagined back then, while sipping the sun tea his mother would make during those hot summer months, that one day tea would be the vehicle that married his goals with his passion!

Today, in addition to being one of the finest tea purveyor, Ashford Tea Co. offers several professional services. We shares our business knowledge and passion through Wholesale, Bulk, Retail, and Loose Leaf Tea Sales, Cafe and Tea Bar Consulting, Tea Service Catering, and Speaking Engagements focused on The Benefits Of Tea, Living Life To The Tea, and Entrepreneurship.

Wholesale, Bulk, Retail, Loose Teas

Ashford Tea Company (formerly Tea’s Me Cafe) is dedicated to providing our clients with only the highest quality selection of teas and tisanes from around the world. Visit our Online Shop to see our current tea and accessory offerings.

Tea Service Catering

The Ashford Tea Company would like to add Living Life To The Tea to your event. Let us bring harmony between tea and your special event or occasion with a contemporary yet elegant experience . Please contact us for pricing and consultation.

Tea and Cafe Bar Consulting

Whether you’re looking to set up a new tea business or train your staff in the art of tea. We can assist.

Setting up a tea business?  We’re able to advise, consult and assist in launching a successful tea business that covers and not limited to:

  • Business Planning 
  • BusinessSetup
  • Location and Logistics 
  • Buildout
  • Operations
  • Products and Services
  • Taste and Quality Assurances
  • Brand
  • Themes
  • Marketing
  • Industry Trends
  • Training and Development

Focused Speaking Engagements

Living Life To The Tea are combinations of life’s balance and seasoning of ATC’s owner  Wayne Ashford and the remarkable parallels through the history and rituals that bring us to the simple luxury a smoldering pot of tea embodies. If your group, conference or social committee is looking for a featured speaker on Living Life To The Tea, it’s journey and countless health benefits, please contact us at [email protected]. Wayne would be delighted to share his knowledge and passion of tea with you and your group!