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The Ashford Tea Co.

The Ashford Tea Company, formerly known as Tea's Me Cafe Indy, is the number one premium online tea distributor headquartered in Indianapolis Indiana.

We are dedicated to providing our customers and wholesale clients with the highest quality teas and tisanes from around the world. Whether you are at home or the office, our selection of high quality, consciously priced teas will enable you to enjoy this wonderful elixir throughout your daily routine!

Enhance your mind and body... Experience what the world was like before coffee - a journey filled with peace!

Tea Club Memberships


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The Novice Membership is $5 a month for 12 months. You will receive a your choice of 2oz bulk tea every month for 12 months and 10% off all purchases for 3 months. Total $60.

The Sommelier is $8 a month. You will receive your choice of 4oz bulk tea every month for 12 months and 10% off all purchase for 6 months. Total $96.

The Connoisseur Membership is $10 a month. You will receive your choice of Two (2) 4oz tins of tea every month for 12 months and 15% off all purchases for 12 months. Total $120.

Once you make your membership selection we will contact you for your tea(s) selection choice.

Club members will also receive free samples of preview teas that Ashford will consider adding to the ever changing/growing selection for our customers and cafe.

You are able to cancel anytime to receive a refund on unused monthly amounts minus our occurred monthly shipping fees of $6.00 monthly. You’ll only pay for the initial shipping of $6.00

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The Novice Membership, The Sommelier Membership, The Connoisseur Membership